A Day For Love.

Feb 14, 2012

Valentine's Day, to me, is special. It's a day to remind the wonderful people in your life that you love them. Sometimes the haters say "It's just a made-up holiday" (so is every holiday) or "I don't need a random day to remind me of love" or "single's awareness day" but honestly, does it kill us to have one more day to celebrate love? I often joke I should have been born in the 60's (I would have made a great flower child, minus all the drug use). Peace and Love are what I preach! And love is what makes the world go 'round.

We were all a little spoiled this year. Twink got new chew toys (and wore an adorable heart sweater I got him), Aaron got hats & legos (he's 5 years old at heart), and I got perfume and pretty things (my hubby knows me well). And of course, we got too many treats to eat in one sitting- we would all get very sick. I made heart muffins for breakfast and for lunch I picked up a heart shaped pizza. Seriously, how cute can it get? Aaron is grilling me a special dinner of steak and lobster and we're staying in tonight. My idea of a perfect date is my husband, my puppy, good food, a scary movie, and a blanket to snuggle up in. I'm a pretty lucky girl, I'm getting it all this year.

This is a little love note for the ones I love.

To my husband, Aaron.
You make me laugh when I don't feel like laughing, hold me tight when I need it most, and take my hand all the moments in between.
I love you always.

To my puppy, Twink.
When I need a moment to forget the world your puppy loves are where I turn.
You always remind me that life is carefree and happy, even when it's not.

To my parents.
I got my passion and zest for life from you. And my ability to love unconditionally.
You are my biggest cheerleaders.

To my sisters.
We share our secrets, our laughter, our tears, our clothes, our shoes, and our love.
I couldn't ask for anything better.

To my brothers.
You are my comic relief in life. You go out of your way to help me out.
And you always have my back.

To my in-laws.
You helped make Aaron the wonderful man he is today. 

And you love me too!

To my (best) friends.
You stick with me through thick and thin. Laughter and tears. Ups and downs.
We are never bored when we're together.

To my (blog) friends.
Thank you for reading me. Thank you for writing you. Thank you for being a part of my life.
Who knew that my love for writing could bring such wonderful things?

Much Love from Japan!
Happy Valentine's Day!

PS I also wrote Aaron a little something that you can see here.


  1. Aww Twink looks so snazzy in his sweater! I love it. I couldn't agree more with you about Valentine's Day! I love any excuse to celebrate. And celebrating love is a pretty great reason.

  2. Awww, too cute! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  3. happy valentine's day! I am so glad we are blogger friends! and twink's sweater is adorable!

  4. Found your blog via the Linky follower Blog hop,...Am now following your cute blog. Hope you will stop by and say hi. Maybe follows as well:>


  5. Twink is the most adorable puppy!!! Happy Valentines to all of you!!!

  6. Aw- I agree- yea for Valentine's Day. :)


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