A Little Bit of Cuteness.

Jan 20, 2012

I've had kind of a rough few days. To make myself feel better (and just cuz I wanted to) I got some new things for the pups. Don't judge me for putting sweaters on my dog (yes, that's him in a hoodie). It averages 28 degrees here every day and there are piles of snow everywhere. He gets cold really fast! Besides, my boys are just too cute.


  1. No judging here...my dog wears clothes quite often! She is little and gets cold easy! lol

  2. I'm sorry things are rough sweets. I hope you feel better, remember to "dance like nobody's watching"...you'll feel better after that lol. Oh pssh I don't judge when it comes to cute clothes for a dog. Both my XXL dog and my little dog both have matching sweaters in camo. Green for the big boy and pink for the little girl...hehe. {{hugs}} sweets.

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