Hunger Games.

Jan 19, 2012

I don't usually post my feelings about particular books on my blog but today the urge just struck me. I just finished a re-read of a favorite series and it made me think. I started reading the Hunger Games series when the very first book came out. Way back in September of 2008. I've read hundreds of books (probably thousands since last year alone I read over 100) and very few stick with me in the permanent way that this series has. It always surprises me though, the biggest question I'm asked... "Did you like how it ended?" The answer is absolutely yes. The only other scenario I could come up with that made any sense at all was Katniss following in a similar fashion to Tally and that almost would have worked here. But not quite. When people ask if I liked it and proceed to tell me they didn't I want to ask "Well how would you have ended such a story?" I personally enjoyed the ending. It wasn't a happily ever after. It wasn't a complete disappointing fail. It was a conclusion that left me feeling content. And at the end of a series there's nothing I'd rather feel.


  1. I agree completely. This was an incredible series with the last book being only slightly less exciting. This is definitely a trilogy that one remembers for a long, long time. I am so anxious to see the movie when it is released in March and I only hope it is true to the story. The most fascinating thing about this author is that she told an amazing and exciting story in three books without using one expletive, almost unheard of in this era of authors who seem to vie for a profanity championship..............Nanny

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