Life is Lovely.

Dec 20, 2011

Japan is wonderful. Mostly because it's the place where my husband lives. I've been here less than a week but so far I really love it. Except one little thing... I'm pretty sure it hasn't stopped snowing since I arrived. And apparently it's just beginning? Oh well, I'm learning to enjoy it anyway. They don't plow their roads in Japan so it's always an adventure when we leave the house. We've eaten plenty of delicious Japanese food in the past few days with much more to come, I'm sure. We also purchased a Christmas tree. Since I only got here 10 days before Christmas we didn't want to bother with a big tree... so it ended up tiny instead. It looks so cute sitting in our living room and the presents around it seem a little overwhelming considering the tree's small stature. We finally got my military ID card yesterday, after a whole lot of runaround, and now I'm allowed on base without an escort. Now I need a drivers license and a car and I will be all set. Until then I'm enjoying my days at home while Aaron is at work. One day I built Hogwarts. That's right, Aaron has the Lego version of Hogwarts and I put it together one day while he was at work. I know it's nerdy but I do not care. It was fun.


  1. How exciting! I've heard from all my girls they just love Japan :) I love Harry Potter so you making the Lego thing is awesome lol. Congrats on a new journey in life.

  2. Whhhatt?? How do you get around if they don't plow the roads? As a Midwestern girl, I cannot imagine! :)


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