May Angels Lead You In.

Nov 2, 2011

"And if you were with me tonight I'd sing to you just one more time, a song for a heart so big God wouldn't let it live. May angels lead you in."

This has been a rough week. I sat down a week ago today to write about how great life has been lately but I got busy and decided to just finish it later. Obviously that post never got finished. Because it was the same day tragedy struck; my sweet cousin Danny had ended his life. And just like that, he's gone. There's no way to express the grief of our family and especially those closest to him. They said it best in his obituary, "We know that he is in a better place, without pain and that he has found peace, but he has left a hole in our lives that will always yearn to be filled." 

Danny's funeral was today. It was heartbreaking to watch Mindy and his family immediate dealing with their grief in their own ways. They spoke and sang about his life and the beautiful person he was. It was a wonderful tribute to the loving life that he lived. And wherever he is now, I hope he's finally at peace.

Danny, the world is a little less bright without you in it.

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