Dragon Fire Balls.

Sep 19, 2011

Dragon Fire Balls just sounded delicious to me. I had to try them & they did not disappoint. Today I had a daddy-daughter date. We're the only two in the house who enjoy sushi so it's our special thing & Mikado is our place of choice. As far as "American sushi" goes, it's quite good. Nothing beats Japan though. 

 I've been continuing with wedding planning, Aaron missing, family/friend time & general merriment. Saturday night was the Utah-BYU game & Utah kicked some serious trash. Sometimes it's great being the only Utah fan in my family. It was also a going away party for my friend Melissa. She's beating me at the moving-to-an-island game and left for Hawaii this morning. She doesn't really need to go, she's already quite tan, especially when you put her next to me! Not to worry though, we already have plans to meet up in both Hawaii & Japan so we will not be parted for long.

I've also been making play dates with my girlfriends in anticipation of spending the next 2 years (or 15 years) very far away from them. I really have the best friends and I'm not at all worried about keeping in touch. I've always been a free spirit & moved from place to place so they're used to me not actually being here. It doesn't matter though, we're friends no matter what!

Also, I decided to try a new look.
What do you think?

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