Let's Talk About Veils.

Jul 21, 2011

My wedding dress is beautiful. Now it's on to the next task every bride must face. Veil or no veil? Hair piece or no hair piece? I've looked at what feels like a thousand veils and haven't found "the one" so I've decided to try my hand at making my own. Partially because I can't find one I love and partially because I refuse to pay $400 for a piece of tulle sewn to a hair comb. I found this cute little chart that details the different types of veils, convenient right?
After a lot of debate with myself and sometimes with my closest friends I think I've decided on a cathedral veil and I'm very excited about it! My wedding dress has no train, it just brushes the ground lightly on all sides of me. I love this feature of my dress because there's no bustle, no tripping, no dragging dust and dirt behind me. However there's also no long prettiness trailing out behind me for pictures or the ceremony. So the cathedral veil seems perfect, right? I get the beauty of the train and when I'm done with it I can just take it out of my hair. I'm definitely not a tiara kind of girl. I've only worn one once and it was the only time I'll ever find it necessary. The search is still on for the perfect clip to wear in my hair once the veil comes out. One thing at a time though! Tomorrow my friend Jessi and I are going to collect everything to make a big beautiful veil. Since I love doing anything wedding-related tomorrow will be a wonderful day!

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