Goodbye Harry.

Jul 18, 2011

It's official. The endless wait for the release of Harry Potter books and movies has finally come to a close! Movie 7.2 was fabulous. Obviously not as amazing as the book but I felt that justice was done. I absolutely adored the scenes featuring the Ron-Hermione relationship and was appalled by the Harry-Ginny kissing chemistry or lack thereof. Beyond that I loved it. Morgan and I had to wait 3 whole days to see the movie. We've had a long standing tradition of going to every movie together and we couldn't make an exception for the final showdown! So we waited very impatiently to be in the same city and went at our first opportunity! I'll just say, it was worth the wait. And as long as I'm still enthralled by the absolute magic of the world of Harry Potter the journey will never truly be over. Now we get to follow the owl to Pottermore and beyond!

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