Jul 19, 2011

The sad news is my Aaron left today. The happy news is I had a WONDERFUL time while he was here, thus the title of this post. The other happy news is next time I see him we will be days away from our wedding. I'm trying to keep both of those happy thoughts while we are apart for the next few months. I was a complete slacker on the picture end of things but I did manage to snap a few. In fairness we had our engagement pictures taken while Aaron was here so we were both a little pictured out. There are only so many times you can smile in the hot summer sun before you never want to see a camera again.

While Aaron was in the States we managed to get a lot done. 
  • I flew to Kansas City, Missouri to meet his parents for the first time.
  • We went to dinner at a brazilian barbecue restaurant with Aaron's parents.
  • We went to breakfast with both of Aaron's grandmothers.
  • We attended his best friend's wedding where Aaron was the best man.
  • We went on a date.
  • We traveled back to Utah so Aaron could meet my family.
  • Aaron got to try our famous homemade eggrolls, it's our specialty at the Harman house and I swear we're becoming known for them.
  • Aaron met many of my friends who stopped by the house to catch a glimpse of him.
  • We had our engagement pictures taken by my fabulous cousin Aja.
  • We went to Harry Potter 7.2 with my sisters.
  • We went to Eden for a barbecue with the Best & Clegg families.
  • We went to the clubhouse so Aaron could see where we're getting married.
  • Aaron drove an Aston Martin.
  • We went wedding ring shopping for both of us.
  • We found the absolute perfect ring for me, both our jaws dropped a little when we slipped it on my finger.
  • We went to lunch at Winger's with my mom.
  • We spent lots of time snuggling/kissing/being affectionate.
  • We held hands as often as we could.
  • We enjoyed every moment of togetherness that we had.
Overall I call this trip an absolute success. I can't wait for his next one... you know, the one where we get to be husband and wife!

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