Jun 26, 2011

Today my fabulous friend Jessi & I made Save-the-Date cards for the wedding. The hardest part was deciding exactly what we wanted to do, I had so many fun ideas it was difficult to narrow them down. Once we'd made that decision they were fairly quick and easy. I love doing crafty things, they make me so happy! I have many more do-it-yourself projects planned between now and the wedding. Mostly because projects keep me busy and happy, but more importantly they keep me from dwelling on Aaron being so very far away, at least for a few hours. I've also got a very specific picture in my mind of what I want everything to look like and since it's so hard to find things that are perfect I'd rather just make them myself. So far I have save-the-dates, my veil, our wedding cake, thanks you's and favors, bridesmaid gifts, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, our guest book, my wedding scrapbook, our wedding video, my garter, the men's boutonnieres, place tags and possibly our wedding invitations on my do-it-yourself list. I'm so excited for these projects, I wish I could do them all now but most have to wait till we're closer to the wedding. Not these little beauties though!


  1. I love it! They look fantastic, as I'm sure all of the other things on your to-do list will turn out. I am so very happy and excited for you my dear! and I miss you!

  2. those are cute! I like the added little sparkle on the right :)


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