How Twilight Works.

Apr 18, 2011

Abby, I hope you enjoy this. Seriously. If someone can laugh along and understand exactly how hysterical this is it's you my friend! But not to worry, everyone should read this! With a sense of humor please. Although... if Twilight is your favorite book in the whole wide universe maybe you should skip it. If you are like me and a bit perplexed on the subject then continue on to find out 
Please enjoy.


  1. Ha ha ha I love this.

    I have my own theory about Twilight being an allegory for Mormonism... You know the "forever" (aka undead) family befriends the nice neighbor girl, invites her over, and "saves her life" (aka converts her) to their blissful foreverness....

    Subliminal missionary work? Probably not but it's a fun theory.

  2. Haha I've never thought of it that way but that is a VERY good one!


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