Feb 4, 2011

In the past year music has taken on a whole new meaning to me. I used to listen to it in the car and when I was running and that was about it. When my world crashed down around me I needed something to hold on to. I needed something to give me a voice when I had none. I needed something to express how I was feeling when I couldn't do it myself. Music came alive for me. Songs I'd never noticed before were jumping out of my iPod and into my brain. I'd hear beautiful lyrics and they'd stay with me for hours after the song was over. I now have several different mixes on my iPod for different moods and occasions. I have a mix for every mood I could possibly experience during a day and several that I never experience. I must be prepared for the unexpected! When a line from a song jumps out at me I write it down, I now have WAY too many lyrics stored away for a rainy day but when I go to delete some of them I can't do it. They're all beautiful. And so for your (hopefully) enjoyment I want to share just a few of the lyrics that have stuck with me, spoken to me and helped me express myself over the last year. 
  • I wanna be with you forever, if tomorrow's not too late. But it's always too late when you got nothing, so you say. You should never let the sun set on tomorrow before the sun rises today.
  • Here we go, this is my confessional. A lost cause, nobody can save my soul. I'm so delusional, with every move I die.
  • Forever can never be long enough for me.
  • He just might make me laugh. But the whole time I'm wishing he was you.
  • I don't mind where you come from as long as you come to me. I don't like illusions, I can't see them clearly.
  • I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.
  • I think I'll be brave starting with you but I'll fall away if you tell me to. I'd rather be wrong and hope that I'm right. I can't go on with this all inside. I think I'll be brave and say how I've wanted you.
  • I will walk on water and you will catch me if I fall. I will get lost into your eyes and I'll know everything's alright.
  • I love the way you lie.
  • We can say that forever is more than just a word. 
  • I am small and the world is big. But I'm not afraid of anything.
  • If you asked me if I love him, I'd lie.

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  1. One of my favorite past times in high school was I am definitely of the opinion that if the lyrics are beautiful, a song is beautiful- -regardless of the music. I don't recognize any of these lyrics, but they are deep. Love them.


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