[day 13]

Feb 2, 2011

A letter to someone.

Dear Mommy,
You are THE BEST mom ever. Seriously. I am so lucky to have you in my life. When my world falls apart you are there to pick up the pieces. When one of your children needs you there's not even a moment of hesitation. You always want what's best for us and even though sometimes I may disagree with you over what's best I know that you always have my wellbeing in mind. When I'm happy you laugh with me. When I'm sad you let me cry. When I just can't handle life you handle it for me. You listen to the things I say and share your life with me, too. I know that every joy and pain I feel you feel too. I am so grateful that you are my mother. I must have won some kind of lottery to be your baby. I love you always.
Love Suzy

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