World's Greatest.

Jan 22, 2011

This week World's Greatest Mom and Nanny go to my friend Katie and me. We're awesome. Miss Izzy is the darling 3 year old I nanny for, Noah & Jordan are her older brothers. Jaden is Katie's darling 2 year old. Izzy & Jaden are best friends, they told us today. Katie also has princess Ella who is only 8 weeks old but I don't have any pictures to put up today. But trust me, she's gorgeous. To see proof of our awesomeness check out my pictures below! 

Izzy & Jay making cupcakes, the adventure starts.
Of course they had to make sure they were yummy.
Jaden & his monster cupcake.
Izzy & her monster cupcake.
Messy little faces after the yumminess! 
 Jordan & his monster cupcake.
 Noah & his monster cupcake.
Many monster cupcakes!
Izzy & Jaden riding the carousel.
Izzy gets a little crazy sometimes!
I love my Izzy-bizzy!
This has been one great week.

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