{day 14}

Dec 2, 2010

A hero that has let you down (write a letter).

I don't have one.  I really don't.  
So instead I want to write a letter to a hero that is STILL A HERO!
Dear Shelly Ann Harman,
You may be my little sister but I have always LOOKED UP to you.  You are SMART, FUNNY, SWEET and BEAUTIFUL.  No matter the time or day you are ALWAYS there for me.  You are my BEST FRIEND and my SECRET KEEPER!  I know that if I ever have a problem that is TOO BIG for me to handle myself you are there without even a thought.  When I am down you PICK ME UP.  When I am happy you LAUGH WITH ME.  You share my HAPPINESS and my SORROW and you always remind me HOW WONDERFUL LIFE IS.  You are a wonderful example to everyone around you of how to be a HAPPY, AMAZING WOMAN.  I LOVE YOU more than I could EVER tell you.  You are MY HERO.  
Love, Sue

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