{day 4}

Nov 22, 2010

Something you have to forgive someone for.
This one will be obvious.  I'll say it anyway.
I'm learning to forgive my ex husband.
He broke my heart.  He destroyed my world.  My life was one way.  Then literally out of nowhere it was the exact opposite.  This is the first and probably the last time I'll write about him on here.  It's still hard to talk about.  I don't know if I'll ever really be able to let it go.  But I'm moving on with my life and I'm happier now than I ever knew I could be.  Little by little I'm learning to forgive.

PS I just want you all to know something.  This is a deeply personal matter for me and this is why I'm not sharing any details on my blog that can be read by anyone in the world.  That being said, if you would like to know the details please do ask me.  I honestly don't mind talking about it and I know that human nature is curious.  I love you all.


  1. Your amazing girl. I love you!!

  2. Hope to talk to you soon- -it's been a while! I'm glad you're feeling happier because you deserve happiness =0) I admire you.

  3. Love you Sue!
    Glad things are getting better for you.


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