{day 2}

Nov 20, 2010

Something you love about yourself.
This is the part where you're supposed to brag.  I'm happy to say I actually have quite a few things I love about myself.  The one I'm going to share might seem a little strange but I'll explain.
I love that I know how to be happy.
Yes, I know, to some people being happy isn't that difficult.  But I've battled with depression since I was a young teenager and I've been through hell this year.  Sometimes I smile & I think to myself it's kind of amazing that I still know how to be happy.  I truly enjoy my life, I'm learning to love the little things, and I appreciate every day for what it is.  I'm good at being happy.

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  1. I agree- -you are very good at being happy =0) I can hear your laugh in my head as I type!


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