{day 12}

Nov 30, 2010

Something you never get compliments on.
Okay, I'm just not sure what to put here.  Obviously there are things I don't get compliments on.  But they're probably not things I should get compliments on.  The first thing that came to mind made me laugh out loud and is probably inappropriate to write on my blog.  So now I have to think of another one.  It will probably sound a little weird but here it is.
I don't really get compliments on how smart I am.
That probably sounds conceited.  I don't care.  I am a lot smarter than I think people give me credit for.  I have a great memory and I learn things easily and quickly.  I love being in school because I love learning new things and expanding my knowledge.  I also have a pretty deep understanding of people and how they work.  I am proud of how quick my mind is and I just wanted to share that.  I am a smart girl

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